IQ Natural Bare Organic Mineral Foundation Large NEW Review

IQ Natural Bare Organic Mineral Foundation Large NEW
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I wrote one for the Mineral Veil just a moment ago, and I wrote about both so here is that review:
When I started using mineral makeup I started with the more well known big brand line, I don't know if I can say their name, but the 'Bare' kind ;) But I'm a full-time student and reordering that brand was a little more than I wanted to be paying. And I had switched to the Matte formula which I loved but it was less product for a higher price. So I started looking to see what other mineral makeups were out there. I found another before IQ and they were ok, but when I tried IQ Natural mineral makeup I was sold. Great price, great product! I have been using them for over a year now, and I can't see me changing. As far as the product - great coverage from the mineral foundations (I use their IQ natural acne moisturizer before putting on the foundation and it works sort of like a primer, and it is great for my skin. I will be putting a review on that as well in a moment.) The mineral veil is awesome, I really feel that it helps give me the soft matte look I want. One of the reasons I switched to the other brand's Matte formula was to avoid the bismuth oxychloride in the original formula. I had heard that bismuth oxychloride contributes to acne, and I believe it does. IQ's products do not have bismuth oxychloride and I love that! One tip that I recently learned from a youtube video is after you put on your mineral foundation and veil slowly and evenly press the side of your powder brush on your skin to kind of help 'set' it. I use a kabuki to put on the foundation and a much softer large brush for the veil. I've been doing this for the last couple weeks and I think it helps keep the product on longer. Maybe it's crazy but it seems to work for me! I highly recommend this stuff!

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