beautyblender Blender Sponge & Cleanser Kit Review

beautyblender Blender Sponge and Cleanser Kit
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This is my first review, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how well this product works that I had to leave some feedback. After having perfect skin for years, my face suddenly went berserk on me in my mid-twenties and nothing I've tried has stopped the breakouts or scarring. So I've been forced to become a major makeup consumer and I'm always on the lookout for anything to make my life easier in the makeup department. I prefer mineral makeup to liquid, and the only way I've found to get adequate coverage is to start with a thick creme concealer (like dermablend) on the blemishes, then go over my whole face with a mineral foundation. Unfortunately this often results in a yucky pancake effect over the concealed areas, and achieving even looking coverage is a real pain. But it's still the best method I've found so far, since an all creme/liquid approach leaves me looking like a geisha and the all mineral "buffing" action tends to buff away any concealing effect and defeat the purpose. So you can see why I'm always on the lookout for anything that might help. Also it is a pain in the butt to keep all of those brushes clean.
So after trying just about all of the brushes on the market I turned to these sponges out of curiosity. I had high hopes but low expectations, as they seemed pretty gimmicky. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I figured that even if the sponges were crap that I could use the cleaner on my huge brush collection.
Even though they seemed like they would only be good to use with liquid foundation, I decided to try using them with the mineral foundation first just for the heck of it. Dampened the sponge as suggested (it bloated up rather alarmingly) and sat down at the makeup table expecting a steep learning curve. First I used the pointy end to apply and blend the creme concealer with surprisingly good results. I did have to go over one or two of the darker spots with a small brush, but using the "stippling" motion to blend everything worked well without sacrificing coverage. So far so good. Now for the moment of truth-applying the powder foundation. Usually this involves several minutes of patting, gentle buffing, blending, patting again to replace the coverage that was lost from the buffing, etc. Not with this baby. It took maybe a minute of "stippling" to get an even, non-cakey finish. I probably used half as much product as usual, and there wasn't a huge powdery mess on the table. Pretty shocking. I couldn't believe it was that easy, so I went to check it out in a variety of different lighting, convinced that there must be some streak or blob somewhere that needed fixing. Nope, looks great. I was sold, even used the pointy end to clean up an eye makeup oops without messing up my foundation.
I was ready to post this review then and there, but decided to try out the cleanser first so I could include it. I don't know what the complaints are about, the dispenser worked fine and the sponge cleaned up easily. The lavender smell is a bonus, very nice. Part of the reason it was so easy to clean is that the sponge absorbed almost no product, so everything was just on the surface. Of course I only tried it with powder, it may soak up more liquid foundation. It seems designed to keep the product on the outside, so you don't lose as much foundation (and $$$) by having it sucked into a sponge.
Sorry this review is so long (and probably boring), but when you've tried as many different (and almost invariably disappointing) types of makeup and applicators as I have it always comes as a shock to find a product that works as well as it says it does. This is one. The only caveat is that since I've only used it once I can't vouch for its durability yet, but it claims on the package to last for 3 months. Time will tell.

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