Caboodles 13" Black Ultimate Organizer Review

Caboodles 13 Black Ultimate Organizer
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This excellent case holds all my makeup, and I am so impressed with it, I am considering getting a second case for my backup products and items I don't use on a daily basis. Makeup artists might need a larger case, but for my own daily use, the 13" Caboodles organizer is more than enough, and the price is perfect. The day I ordered this case, I ordered Sephora's train case to see how they compared, fully expecting to prefer the train case. The Sephora case was, indeed, sleeker looking, but at three times the price, it wasn't *that* much nicer. Plus, it wobbled when closed, while the Caboodles organizer sat firm and stable.
The six pull-out trays let me organize my cosmetics by category (lipsticks, gloss, eye liners, concealers and correctors, etc.) and find things quickly. And the bottom holds all my larger bottles and pots or items that are too large for the trays.
I really like that I can keep everything in one place. My makeup vanity is upstairs in a house without central air, and in the summer, it gets very warm up there. I no longer have to worry about things melting or spoiling in the heat because I can leave the case downstairs in the much cooler air and carry it up with me when I need it.
I am taking one star away because the trays do not pull out fluidly, and I suspect I'll have problems with them later, after daily use, but at $32.98, that's a risk I am willing to take.
UPDATE Nov 2010: More than a year later, this case is still holding strong, even the pull-out compartments. I use this case several times a week, every week, and I am so glad I chose this over the Sephora train case. I never purchased a second Caboodles case, but I would definitely not hesitate to do so.

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