Organic Wear Loose Powder Makeup .03 oz Review

Organic Wear Loose Powder Makeup .03 oz
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I've been trying new face make-up for quite some time now, trying to find one that both works with my oily, acne-prone face and also doesn't come off or have a mismatching shade. I may have found my winner thus far out of all the products I've tried, along with the Bamboo Wear line by the same company.
According to [...], this foundation is incredibly healthy for your skin, with no synthetic ingredients, perfumes, or dyes. It rates around a 2-3 (healthy/safe) on their toxicity/health scale (highest and worst rating being a 10, a 0 being the most flawless product). This product is only one of a very few that rate this low that you will find in a general drug or retail store (Physician's Formula Bamboo Wear line generally also rates this low, I would say from 2-4 on average). For health reasons, this makeup is fantastic. I have noticed a significant decrease in severity of acne and reactions to makeup since using this product.
I was a bit disappointed with the staying power of this powder; it stays on for the most part, but can rub off if you brush against something. It also does not control oil fully; I have to use oil-blotting cloths halfway through the day, but only ever once during the day unless I am very active. However, the powder actually covers flawlessly, and makes you look like you are airbrushed better than most liquid foundations. It almost feels non-existent on your face. The powder did stay on even when I was outside painting my house in 100 degree weather with 80% humidity. That's impressive overall, and I can deal with some of it rubbing off on occasion if it's this healthy, this durable in humid weather, and this cheap for a similarly priced product from a "professional" monster beauty company like Estee Lauder or Clinique.
Overall, my experiments with this product have turned out well, and I am not disappointed in my purchase. I next want to try the same line and same powder but in pressed format to see if that affects the oil build-up at all.

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