BABOR - Eye Brow Designer (Light Brown) Review

BABOR - Eye Brow Designer (Light Brown)
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This product is described as a pencil, when in reality it is instead a tiny toothed comb that can only provide color if you have thick course brow hairs that can be run through the tiny teeth where the color is. You would need some pretty think eyebrows to be able to pick up any color at all. I tried to get the color to come out and it is impossible, it will not make a smudge, line, or mark on a sheet of paper, again the individual hairs of the brow would have to run between the teeth of the applicator, with force, to achieve any color at all. Thus it's useless for those of us who are looking to fill-in or re-shape brows. Mine was sent back for a refund but I'm out the time, trouble, and $2.00 return shipping cost.

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