Swisa Beauty, Dead Sea Facial Peel, 1.01-Ounce Review

Swisa Beauty,  Dead Sea Facial Peel, 1.01-Ounce
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I purchased this item on a whim, as I've heard from lots of other people...more like high pressured sales, in the middle of the mall, after repeated "no's" and the price being reduced tremendously, I decided, so what...try it, your not spending your mortgage on it, if it works...great, if not....toss it. So I used it at home with results that appeared to be fantastic, and in defense of the product, my face did feel softer, however, after closer examination of the so called "dead skin" I investigated further and realized that it wasn't skin at all, it was a rubbery type material that I assume is produced with the circular rubbing motion of the product. I would compare it to removing glue off of something and it balls up....So fair warning, check the "exfoliation coming from your face" I can bet you too will find that it is NOT DEAD SKIN afterall! Further, after using the produce three or more times, it appears that my skin not only still remained in tact after use, the skin remaining didn't like the product at all and had an adverse reaction by creating a bumpy rash on my forehead and cheeks....Also, check your prices you can pick up all the items from this brand on ebay for drug store pricing...

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