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I love mineral make up. It is wonderful because it looks great and does not feel like you're wearing make up. This is my second bare minerals starter kit. I bought the second starter kit because I really like the bare minerals brushes and it is cheaper to buy the kit than the brushes individually. Bare minerals has changed what you receive in the start kit since I first purchased it. I think the old one was better.
The first starter kit I purchased had:
- Two shades of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation (.06 oz/2g) in Light and fairly light
- bareMinerals Mineral Veil(.06 oz/2g)
- bareMinerals Warmth All-Over Face Color (.02 oz/.57g)
- bareMinerals Glee All-Over Face Color (.02 oz/.57g)
- Handi Buki Brush
- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
- Flawless Application Face Brush
- How-to DVD.
The new kit has:
- TWO shades of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation: Light & Golden Medium (Size: Medium)
- Mineral Veil (Size: Medium)
- Warmth All-Over Face Color (Size: Medium)
- Full Flawless Face Brush
- Flawless Application Face Brush
- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
- Prime Time
- How-to DVD.
The really differences between the two products: the old kit had a Handi Buki Brush when the new kit has Full Flawless Face Brush. I think the Handi buki brush is the better of the two brushes but both do a good job of applying the make up. The second major differences the old kit had small Warmth All-Over Face Color and Glee All-Over Face Color the new kit has a Medium Warmth All-Over Face Color. Again I think the older kit was better. Warmth is a bronzer that gives your skin a natural sun kissed glow. Glee is also a great product, it is a plum shade blush. It gives your skin a touch of natural color as if you have been exercising. Both of these products are great but you need to be careful not to use too much.
Personally without Glee my face ends up looking pale, my face really needs a little bit of color beyond the foundation, warmth and mineral veil. Glee is my absolute favorite bare minerals product. Mineral veil is a great product that is a great finishing product. It gives your face an airbrushed look.
What I do not like about bare minerals is how it sits on top of your pores and makes them look bigger. Unlike the commercials claim you do not look like you are not wearing make up in fact your look like you are wearing tons. It is a natural look but still a make up look.
Frankly, there are better mineral foundations than bare minerals my favorite is E.L.F. (eyes lips & face). It has a great mineral foundation which is better than the bare minerals foundations and a fraction of the price. I like it better because it does not make your pores look bigger. E.L.F. also makes a product called mineral booster which is like mineral veil.
My overall opinion is to buy the starter kit once to get the brushes because mineral make up needs special brushes. Use what come with it and switch to a different foundation and continue using Glee and Warmth.
Mineral make up last longer if you apply a moisturizing before the make up. One trick I have learn to minimizing the appearance of pores under mineral make up is to use a acne moisturizing and let it dry before applying the make up.

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