Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment Review

Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment
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It truly absorbs into the skin and makes my face feel way softer than a baby's booty. Most lotions sit on top of the skin and make the surface seem softer or moisturized, but with this, it soaks in and truly feels like theres no lotion there--it's like having new skin. I haven't seen a difference in the lines though, but it's only been a week. I will update 7 days from now.
I usually only purchase products that I deem good quality as well as reasonably priced. I think $33 is a bit steep for a 1.32 oz drugstore item and probably never would have tried this had it not been for the vine program. I will purchase this as a consumer because of the quality of the lotion, but can't say it will be on a regular basis because I hate getting hustled, and the price seems like a hustle to me.
Also, Aveeno should really do something about the packing. It's extremely wasteful. So much unnecessary plastic, and some carboard could have been spared had they(Aveeno) chosen to not be so "designer" about the packaging of the item.
EDIT: OK, I've done it for over a month now. I can say that I see no differences in fine lines(but mine are REALLY fine), BUT, I did have a bit of a discoloration, spots and a tad of a jawline, and this product helped those things when I didnt even have those issues in mind while using this product.
I would be more interested in a night product of theirs because sunscreen always irritates my skin, and so does this, though mildly
Summary: Great quality lotion, a bit pricey, and wasteful packing

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