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Adovia Sulfur Soap
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I got this for my husband because his dermatologist recommended sulfur soap for his acne prone skin. Other soaps we've tried would work for a while in reducing his acne and oil on face but would overdry his skin so much that sometimes it would break out again just due to being over dried. This soap however has just enough sulfur and is gently on his skin, but has cleared up the blackheads and random zits that he had. His face is much smoother now and the oil is contained even with the long hours he works with his construction helmet. It doesn't have any fragrance and the other review said it smelled bad, but I personally don't think it's that bad at all and the smell is very subtle, it's not like I can smell it on him after he uses it. Also it's an all natural soap so I wouldn't expect it to have some artificial fragrance smell. Overall A+ for this sulfur soap.

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