Photoderm max Fluide SPF 50+ Review

Photoderm max Fluide SPF 50+
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In my youth through my late 20's I tanned regularly. In my early 30's I began to see some effects(fine lines and spotting/freckling on face and shoulders) I became educated about how the sun breaks down and destroys your skin. At 35 I began applying sunscreen everyday under makeup regardless of seasons and weather. After many trials and research I found Bioderma Photo Derm MAX Fluide. It is the best protection and hides easily and comfortably under makeup. There is a bit of pilling whenever my skin is a bit flaky but otherwise I have not experience any problems. It doesn't cause my combo skin to breakout, it's not overly white, and it doesn't make my skin oily or shiny under makeup. In fact it almost aids makeup application as a primer. After 9 years of daily application of this sunscreen, I have no dark spots or freckling AT ALL on my face. I am a firm beliver in buying and using the best sunscreen you can afford, and this is the best, in my opinion. I hate how cosmetics and skin care companies promise women extreme results which just aren't possible. This is one item that WILL show you amazing results if you use it everyday.

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