CoverGirl Trublend Liquid Make Up Review

CoverGirl Trublend Liquid Make Up
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If you are worried about purchasing foundation over the Internet, this is the foundation to buy. I am always the woman at the store staring at the different numbers......"Am I a 1? 2? 3?" I am never sure. But this foundation actually mixes different shades. You can actually see the different shades when you squeeze it out of the pump. I love it! In addition to color matching, it last ALL day long. It looks just as fabulous when I am about to wash my face at bed time as it does when I first apply it!

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TruBlend Liquid Makeup has colorspheres that go beyond just matching your skin tone to actually merge with your skin, for a naturally flawless look. Specially designed to work with TruBlend pressed powder, concealer and blush; select your foundation, 1 - 6, then look for the corresponding concealer, blush and powder!

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