Ahava Cleansing Cream, 3.4oz Review

Ahava Cleansing Cream, 3.4oz
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I tried this product when I went to marshalls and found it in the skin care section. I have sensitive oily blemish prone skin, and have literally tried everything on the drug store shelf. My dermatologist put me on Epiduo, and my skin became extremely dehydrated. I had to find the best of both worlds (pimple free & moist) so I started using this cleanser. It is great to use before you go to bed. After I used this cleanser I felt like my skin was adequately hydrated, so I needed to use very little skin cream after. I compared it to two other cleansers that I have previously used. I took cotton circles to wipe my face to see what came off, and ahava was the winner. Its almost like cetaphil, but it works allot better. I'd recommend it to people with all skin types, and conditions. The only thing is that I would not pay retail for this product. Do your homework, and find yourself a good deal. I have seen it as cheep as 10.99 in some stores.

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