Raw Natural Beauty Raw Natural Minerals Discovery Kit 7 piece Review

Raw Natural Beauty Raw Natural Minerals Discovery Kit 7 piece
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I had ordered this kit via direct through their special offer website, when the trial offer was available. Just to note, I am prone to dry and ultra sensitive skin. This is one of the biggest reasons I turn to mineral cosmetics. I can't wear traditional cosmetics, and I love using natural products that are good for my skin.
I ordered this kit, while I was pondering if I was sensitive to Bismuth Oxychloride (since I found that to be the culpret with BE bareMinerals). Yet, with Raw Minerals, their ingredients looked so good, I was hoping it would buffer the bismuth from being an issue. I tested these mineral products individually over 2 weeks.
My Discovery kit included...
- 2 Mineral Foundations: "Medium 1" shade was a good blendable match and much better than BE. The foundation was creamy and went on smooth with layers. Coverage was pretty good too with a slight shine (but not too bad). I was able to wear the foundation for nearly an hour before having any irritations. I didn't get the warm stinging sensation like I did with BE, but my skin felt tight and dry, then felt itchy. So, no go on the foundation for me. I've also tried Naked Minerals that contains bismuth, and out of the 3 brands that contain this ingredient, my reaction took the longest with Raw Minerals. I'm guessing it's all those extracts that help buffer it a bit more.
- Mineral Glow: ouch! This went on nice, with using very little (this really goes a long way). Yet, after only 20 minutes, I was feeling burning, itching and dryness. I found out it's the kaolin clay. For those that can handle kaolin, this is a nice product.
- Active Veil SPF 18: This product does give a nice airbrush type finish (using very little with a fluffy powder brush) and softens the look. I had no reactions to the veil, which is actually almost unusual for me. *I did try using this under the mineral foundation, to see if it would help, but it didn't. Yet, alone or with a different foundation, I was able to continue using the veil.
- Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush: the synthetic flat top brush is divinely soft! It has a smaller head than most flat top/buffer type foundation brushes, but it is very nice and of very good quality. This brush washes nice too.
- Concealer Brush: the synthetic concealer brush is just as soft as the foundation brush above, but much more dense. It works great for both spot concealing and under the eyes.
Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush: this brush is made of animal hair and has an awful animal and chemical smell...hard to describe. When you wash it, this smell doesn't go away and the dye from the hairs bleed. They should seriously discontinue this brush.If bismuth oxychloride and kaolin clay weren't used, I'd probably be able to use all of the products. The products I would recommend worth trying (for even the dry/sensitive types) are the Active Veil SPF 18, Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush.
Customer service with this company (Raw Natural Beauty) was also very good. They let me return my kit with no questions asked. I was also able to keep the brushes, for trying the products via their special trial offer they once had online.

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