Neostrata Eye Cream 0.5 oz. Review

Neostrata Eye Cream 0.5 oz.
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Shipping is great! Free shipping! Where else can you find an online store that ships for free!? The items that I have bought were excellent, price is cheap as well. Glad my friends told me about Strawberry. I will try again this time to buy some perfume. Once done, will leave another comment! Everyone should at least try it for once!!!
Lets start off with the website, it is different from those other sites where every page is either in WHITE or needs FLASH to view, this does not.
The item I ordered took 4 days to reach me, since I ordered it on a Saturday. If only the post office opens 24/7 then I'll be getting them sooner!
There was this payment verification when I ordered, their customer service people were kind enough to explain why they needed the verifications, (extra security) which I really appreciate and enjoy, later, in which after I have done so, I checked and my order was ok and ready to go!
Overall, this is a really interesting site, I love it and I believe that anyone that visits it would do as well. I have read their FAQ's and they really do have everything clearly listed on them. Very clear, any one interested should read their FAQ's.

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