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From my other reviews, it isn't hard to see that I really do like the bareMinerals / Bare Escentuals product lines. Though still relatively new to them at less than 6 months, I'm a thorough convert and use them daily.
I picked this up in my quest to ensure I have one plus a backup for everything and to stock my go-bag for traveling with smaller products. For the record:
Soft Focus: A very nice light diffusing accent that works really well when you're going to be in, shall we say, less than flattering light. It just sort of smoothes out the face visually and doesn't add a great deal of color while doing so. Very soft looking.
Pure Radiance: I love this stuff. I use it on any work day and it definitely balances out the effect of nasty office lighting by just a hint of youthful peachy tones. I'm not a "warm" color person so I wasn't quite sure this would work with me but it does fabulously.
I'm Amused Blush: This stuff looks really dark in the jar and is quite off-putting to pale white people with skin so transluscent you can see a circulatory system through it. However, like all bM/BE blushes, you have to be ever so judicious and stingy when applying it. On the up side, that means a tiny little jar like this will last the rest of your natural life. When used with caution, pretty much any person or tone in the super fair to medium complexion can easily use and love the shade.
The brushes are always the stars in these kits, of course, and this is no exception. This is a smaller version of the all over brush included in the starter kit. It is just the right size for my travel kit and that is where I keep it along with my Refillable Buffer brush (not included).
As for the make up bag...why do companies still include these? I mean, don't they know if they look under most American womens' bathroom sinks they'll find about a dozen of them? It is small, has a weird feel and texture and isn't big enough even if all your make-up is in the small sized jars. Just give it to the nearest 9 year old with a tube of whatever bubble gum flavored lip gloss they're wearing now and they'll be thrilled. It certainly doesn't add to the collection.

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