Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel Review

Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel
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I really love this product! I'm really pale, and I don't tan at all. I found that I can get a really natural looking result using this product. It isn't orange at all!
Understand that the product contains two agents: an instant color that shows you where the product is going and gives you a nice instant tan and the tanning agent which develops over several hours. Due to this, I offer a few tips for pale gals like me:
-exfoliate as directed before every use
-put it on at night and let it develop overnight
-I use a really high quality organic lotion and use one squirt of lotion to one pump of tanner. I find that it smooths out the application which dries quickly. Mix them together in your gloved hands and smooth over until the lotion is absorbed, leaving a nice streak-free tan.
-If you're really pale, don't freak out about how dark you become. The initial tan is just to show you where the tanning chemical is going; it washes off with your first shower, leaving a nice even, subtle tan. Just give it several hours to work.
-It does take a while to dry, but my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind me walking around the house in the buff for 20 minutes. ;)

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