Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush Review

Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
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I recently purchase a Bare Escentuals (BE) starter kit. I was excited about the possibility of such easy makeup application; however, I was VERY skeptical that I would be able to conceal eye circles, scarring, and blemishes with foundation powder and a special concealer brush. Yeah Right! I was fully convinced that if I liked the mineral makeup, I would use the foundation powder but still have to carry my trusty liquid concealer.
Imagine my surprise after the first application to find that not only was the foundation light and comfortable, but the "special" concealer brush ACTUALLY WORKED! I didn't even have to use a separate concealer color (I am very pale, so most concealers are darker than my skin tone rather than the recommended lighter concealer color), I just used the same foundation powder color.
All I had to do was apply all my face makeup (foundation, bronzer, blush, finishing powder "Mineral Veil") and use the concealer brush to dot and blend foundation powder on blemishes/circles/etc as the last step (I know some people apply concealer prior to other face makeup, but that didn't work great for me). I was AMAZED at how much coverage the "powder" provided (the mineral makeup foundation is a very creamy powder, but that was a pleasant surprise as well, as it provides much more coverage than a standard loose powder).
Just a few light swipes around my eyes and circles are gone. It is EXTREMELY easy to use the tip and edges of the concealer brush to pick up a concentrated amount of foundation to cover spots and scars with just a couple pats and then blend into the face. I am finding that the application of concealer (as well as ALL mineral products) is just getting easier and easier.
The coverage is truly amazing, and at least for me, it stays put pretty much all day (although I also carry the BE "Precision Concealer" brush for little touch-ups, just in case). I realize that mineral products do not work as well for every person/skin-type, but I highly recommend trying mineral makeup (either BE, very well known, or Everyday Minerals, who offer a free sample kit) as a more natural makeup choice with surprisingly full coverage, and this concealer brush in particular is ABSOLUTELY ICREDIBLE!!!

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