Anthelios XL sunblock - SPF 60 - 3oz - with Mexoryl Review

Anthelios XL sunblock - SPF 60 - 3oz - with Mexoryl
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Amazing. Mexoyrl was available in the rest of the world for 13-17 years before being approved by the FDA - with no additional testing, no explanation for the delays (FYI Most of the world have more restrictive regulations on cosmetics v. U.S. regs). Mexoyrl is available in many products elsewhere as a generic (along with >5 other newer sunscreen developments). But because it's "new" in the U.S. the patent starts all over again here and some products that have it as an ingredient elsewhere, have disappeared entirely from store shelves in the U.S.
What does that mean? It means I now pay MORE for Mexoyrl products than I did importing it illegally (which was never strictly enforced anyway). It has become LESS available, not more.
For decades people petitioned the FDA for Mexoyrl, including dermatologists because there is no equal -not even close. The ingredients currently used in sunscreens against UVA (read cancer-causing rays) are not stable and may even be harmful to your skin. Consumer Reports called them snake oils, class action lawsuits were filed against 9 major manufactueres including coppertone, johnson, neutrogenia.
Mexoyrl is 99% effective, stable in the sun (not photosensitive), does not react with minerals (like in tints that leave older ingredients ineffective or harmful) and like I said, nothing else comes close in the U.S.
The backlash after it's approval has lead many well-meaning consumer type organizations that don't do their own testing to over-estimate the claims from the snake oil manufacturers. The latest FDA rating standards do not rate what the effectiveness is 10 min. after it's applied, in the sun. They are almost meaningless.
I have life-threatening skin cancer. This is no joke and the discrepancy between the truth and propaganda is costing lives.
No sunscreen is a free pass to be in the sun, esp. during the worst times when the sun is closest. The sun now is not the same as what I was exposed to growing up. Sunscreen is not the first line of protection, shade is. There are very cheap laundry additives that can raise a tshirt rating from a 4 to a 50, plus being stable in the sun. That's better than a cream. Something is not better than nothing when exposure to the sun is increased (evidence for the lawsuit included rates of skin cancer were increasing despite use of sunscreens).
Skin cancer is expensive, disfiguring and can be life threatening. What people do at 20, they will pay for at 40. The ages are lowering along with the epidemic growth.
Save thousands in wrinkle treatments, anti-aging products and makeup by protecting your skin now. Sun protection added to tinted makeup is a joke. It's physically impossible just like claims to be 'waterproof' or all day protection. Mexoryl is 99% effective screening UVA rays.
If you import your own then you can get others that work with tinted makeup.

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