HairTopia Basic (Vitamins & Amino Acids) Review

HairTopia Basic (Vitamins and Amino Acids)
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Before I bought these I read a lot of reviews on them...A few were bad but, majority of the reviews were very good!!!...So, I decided to give them a try.... I've wasted thousands of dollars on Hair weaves/Wigs and everything you can think of to achieve longer hair...So,this year I decided to "try" and grown my own hair longer...I figured if I can waste money on "Fake Hair"...What's the harm in wasting a few bucks on some vitamins to actually grow my own hair....But, to my surprise it wasn't a waste!!! These Vitamins really do work!...Not only is my hair longer and healthier...My nails are so much stronger and longer!..Now mind you I had soft weak brittle nails that never grew and, when they did grow they would break right at the bottom of my nail...So, I would have to cut off the entire nail and start over.....But, now my nails are longer, stronger and my hair is retaining length!..My hair isn't breaking off and shedding all over the place like it use to do before I started taking the vitamins...I know there are pleny of skeptics who believe that these Vitamins are a waste of money...And, for them maybe it was...B/c everything doesn't work for everyone...But, if you have the money to spare then what do you have to lose?...At the most 1 month supply only cost around 45 dollars or so...I've spent more on that going out to the movies and out to eat in one think if you're wanting to grow your hair longer and stronger...Give these a try...You never know it just might work for you like it did for me!:)

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