Go Natural The All In One Cosmetic Magic Mineral Makeup On TV Review

Go Natural The All In One Cosmetic Magic Mineral Makeup On TV
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For the record, I'm an English woman of Irish extraction. I have pale skin which is currently carrying a light tan for the first time ever, and I have relatively sensitive skin which is slightly dry and used to break out. However, since I switched to more natural skincare and makeup, I've had no acne or other blemishes.
Given my current interest in simple and natural makeup, when an American friend sent me a Go-Natural compact to try out I was very excited at the idea that one simple product could revolutionise my makeup bag and simplify my cosmetic routine.
The reality, unfortunately, was very different.
At first sight the product looks good quality. The compact would look at home in any woman's makeup case, and seems to be well-suited to its purpose.
I moisturised my skin, let the cream absorb for about 15 minutes, then gently brushed the powder on with the brush provided. Firstly, the brush doesn't feel very good quality. It's fairly cheap-feeling to me (I'm used to Everyday Minerals brushes) and just doesn't feel luxurious. However, in order to give the product a fair review, I kept trying.
Although the powder feels fairly pleasant on the skin and has a good "slip" (it spreads well and distributes fairly evenly) it looked absolutely terrible when finished. I tried several attempts, always applying with a reasonably light hand as described on the website, but whatever I did I ended up with a dark, orangey, mask-like appearance that was nothing short of hideous.
No matter what I tried, I just couldn't get this makeup to look attractive on my skin colour and tone, despite the fact that my current tan makes me a fairly "normal" colour.
Two days later, I woke to find I had some cystic acne for the first time in about 5 years! I was breaking out on my chin and forehead. The only new item I had tried in the previous couple of weeks was the Go-Natural makeup, so it must have been that.
Altogether, I'm very disappointed. I wanted to love this product, but just couldn't. It's sitting in my makeup drawer waiting for someone to take it off my hands.

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