Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup, Deep, 0.35-Ounce Review

Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup, Deep, 0.35-Ounce
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*Disclaimer: i am not paid by Revlon or any company i bought this product myself for $11.99 at Target (i forgot my coupon)
First off i dont think this is meant to be a foundation it says nothing on the packing about it being used as a foundation so i have no clue why people think its one haha. It should be used as a setting powder over your favorite foundation.
Also for oily skin i use clean and clear matifying moisturizer and blotting paapers/face wipes throughout the day to DAB the oil away (everyone gets it)
also i personally use dream matte mousse and the dream matte powder cause i have oily skin but usually dont need to with my moisturizer.
As for the "glitter" i would say that you yourself will notice it but others will not unless you stress themout as much as your stressing about it then they will "see" the "glitter". Really its a highlighting shimmer. If youve never used highlighters or illuminaters you'll be turned off but rather than say no and return it have an open mind ask around and combine it with other products.
ALSO Skin type does matter for results. so use knowledge of your skin to make this work for you with other products.
Alot of girls are so dramatic about the luminous effect and the light coverage.
Revlon and Almay have the same parent company hence very similar packaging between the Almay Wake Up and this one. Almay and Revlon "Cooling" powders are different in that Revlon has coconut and Almay has Cucumber! Revlon has more pigments then the Almay but less cooling effect but it WILL feel "wet" but isnt.

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