HairTopia Total (Vitamins, Amino Acids & Herbal) Review

HairTopia Total (Vitamins, Amino Acids and Herbal)
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to all of the people complaining 10 pills a day is too much - get over it! you're going against nature, getting your hair to grow 4x faster than it does on it's own!
that being said, there are some things i found that no one's mentioned here:
1. there are alot of pills, but it's not so bad. they're about the size of tylenol capsules, and they don't smell or taste badly.
2. you MUST buy the complete package. as much as it sucks because of the price, the herbal supplement really makes your hair grow faster.
3. i recommend, if you can, dye your hair before you start. do an easy wash out that's not too different from your color, but i had dyed hair and it made it sooo much easier to see the results - it REALLY WORKS! w/in 24 hours i went from about 1/8" of roots to 1/4" - seriously! it's now been 3 weeks and i'm at 3/4".
Okay, now the gross stuff: they make you burp! not sure if it's the swallowing or the pills themselves or what's in them. and also, the herbal supplement made me break out in a rash at first! i had to stop taking for a week, then started again, and no rash. and lastly, they REALLY rev up your appetite. i wouldn't recommend these if you don't want to gain a few pounds, or if you don't want to hit the work outs a little harder. they make me eat like crazy, especially the first week i started.
but that's it, they really work, yeah it's annoying, but i think the results far outweigh the hassles!!

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