Sea of Spa Dead Sea Acne Soap Review

Sea of Spa Dead Sea Acne Soap
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I have uber-sensitive, oily skin and am prone to adult acne. I have to be extremely careful what goes on my face and harsh persription chemicals aren't any help to me at fact, they make my skin worse. While this is not a "miracle" cure, as there isn't one, this all-natural product has done amazing things for my skin in general. Helps heal acne faster, helps fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation faster, doesn't dry out my face, yet doesn't make my oil worse (eventhough it contains natural oils.) My face was a bit irritated at first, I think because of the sulfur or salt, but I stuck with it and am happy that I didn't give up. I would recommend it to anyone who may have the same face issues as I do. I've long heard that dead sea mud is the greatest thing for skin of all types, and I truly now believe that.
The only thing I would want to say for someone ordering, this product is shipped to you straight from Israel (I didn't know that when I bought it) so you won't get it overnight or a tracking number, but it arrives on schedule (within 14 days) and is well worth the price!

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